Kat Pegler

I am a multidisciplinary creative who is passionate about increasing accessibility and celebrating community within the creative industries. I am an advocate for bringing the arts into public space, and using it as a medium to address social issues whilst working collaboratively with local people.

Having worked with an array of arts & cultural organisations across the UK, as well as coming from a marketing background, I have an excellent understanding of how to engage and promote to a variety of audiences. I enjoy thinking creatively and use this as a means to enable projects to achieve their full potential.

I am currently studying an MA at Goldsmiths in the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, and work for NXHub in Lewisham, as well as doing climate sustainability research for Culture Mile, City of London and working as a producer for an arts charity in Medway. I am also co-founder of Leo, a free platform that turns creative books into alternative formats for people with dyslexia:

Skills include:
- music composition and production
- events management and creative producing
- creative marketing and ideation
- project management
- research and analysis


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