Draft A Made To Measure Skirt Pattern

09 Jan 20 — 09 Jan 20
Venue: Make Mee Studio
Do you hate how shop bought clothes or dressmaking patterns never fit quite right? Or do you want to have a better understanding of how patterns work and are created. Well, this is the class for you!

What you'll learn
We'll show you how to accurately measure your body and use the measurements to make a skirt pattern block to fit your exact body shape, then we'll show you how to use and adjust it create different skirt designs. Your pattern block will also come in handy when using commericial patterns, you can use it to make adjustments easily.

Who is this class for?
Anyone who wants to make made to measure clothes! If you are an experienced dressmaker but don't know where to start with making your own patterns we can guide you on your way. Or if you've never sewn before you can join to! You just need to be able to use a ruler, measuring tape and pencil!

Materials + Equipment
We have everything you need for the workshop but if you would like to bring your own set square, ruler and/or pattern master you are very welcome to. We will not be using any fabrics or a sewing machine for the workshop.

We have a well-equipped studio in leafy Brockley, South East London with everything you need for dressmaking. A tranquil space at the bottom of our garden!

Nearest stations: St Johns (5 mins) Lewisham (15 min walk) Brockley (16 min walk) Great bus links too, Stop Tyrwhitt Road. There is free parking on the street outside the venue.

Want To Make Your Skirt?
Join us for the beginners dressmaking course which follows the week after this course finished! In 12 hours you'll learn a plethora of different techniques you will use time and time again in dressmaking.

£28 for 2 and 1/2 hour workshop, we will have tea, coffee and other refreshments in the studio.

If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer please email us info@makemeestudio.co.uk

We can't wait to sew with you!

Make Mee Studio