Beginners Dressmaking Sewing Course

14 Jan 20 — 18 Feb 20
Venue: Make Mee Studio
Beginners Dressmaking

In this 12 hour course we'll zip through all of the essential techniques you'll use time and time again in dressmaking. From measuring your body and making alterations to demystifying pattern terminology, and of course constructing a garment. At each step, we'll run through multiple options for each technique: different seam finishes, zips and hems. You'll see there's never just one way to do things in dressmaking (and you don't always have to stick to the rules!) We want to encourage you to find your own personal way.

We'll be working on making a skirt during the course so you can see the magic of the techniques come together to make a finished and wearable item, as well as a sample book of extra techniques. You don't have to make the skirt for yourself, but please bring measurements of person you are making it for. There will be options for different skirt styles.

This course is suitable for complete beginners who have never used a sewing machine before or those who have basic knowledge but want some practical dressmaking guidance. You can work at your own pace, we have plenty to keep you occupied whatever your level.

We know dressmaking can seem like a daunting prospect at first but it's easy when you know how! It gives you the opportunity to be unique and creative with your style. It's a great way to relax and unwind, make new creative friends and you can become part of the growing Make Mee Community.

Materials + Equipment

We have a selection of fabrics and trims in the studio which you can purchase for a donation towards our tea and cake fund. If you would like to bring your own fabric you will need at least 1.5m. A mediumweight woven is ideal, this skirt will not work in stretch fabric. Feel free to get in touch before the class to discuss fabric choices. The fabric MUST be washed before you use it. (A normal 30-degree wash is perfect.)

You will also need a zip - we have some in the studio but you may want to source one to match your fabric. A 10" invisble zip is the best thing to buy.

If you would like to practice sewing on your own machine please feel free to bring it along.


We have a well-equipped studio in leafy Brockley, South East London with everything you need for dressmaking. A tranquil space at the bottom of our garden!

Nearest stations: St Johns (5 mins) Lewisham (15 min walk) Brockley (16 min walk) Great bus links too, Stop Tyrwhitt Road. There is free parking on the street outside the venue.

Weekend Session

If you are joining for the full 2 day course there will be an hour for lunch from 1 - 2 pm. There are many places grab a bite to eat in the local area, The Talbot Pub is just a stones throw away, the vibrant Brockley Market is just around the corner, there are also shops and other cafes we can point out where to go on the day.

Need To Miss A Weekly Session?

If you know can't make it to every week in the 6 week course, let us know in advance and we should be able to make arrangements for you to catch up. (1 missed session.) You should be able to join our Sewing Surgery on a Wednesday so you don't get behind on your skirt.

Just £135 for 6 weeks or 2 full Saturdays.

If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer please email us

We can't wait to sew with you!

Make Mee Studio