Translating Spanish Poetry: Translating Silvina Giaganti with Leo Boix

25 Feb 20 — 25 Feb 20
Venue: Albany Deptford
Translate Spanish poetry by Argentinian philosopher and writer Silvina Giaganti with Latino-British Poet, Journalist & Educator Leo Boix.

Recurring themes in Silvina Giaganti's work are love and the loss of love, family dysfunction and questions of belonging. Her poems focus on female alliances, friendships and exploration of queerness, which makes her work sound organically and subtly feminist.
Silvina Giaganti published her first collection of poems tarda en apagarse in 2018. Her poems are autobiographical and tackle issues that Giaganti,faces in her personal and professional life. She says her poems emerged from memory, from moments she couldn’t forget that are connected to places in her life, streets and neighbourhoods she lived in.
Leo Boix has published two collections in Spanish, Un lugarpropio (2015) and Mar de noche (2017). His English poems have appeared in Poetry , The Poetry Review , Modern Poetry in Translation , PNReview , The Rialto , and elsewhere. Boix is a fellow of The Complete Works Program and co-director of ‘Invisible Presence’, a scheme to nurture new young voices of Latino poets in the UK.
This workshop is part of the PTC’s Spring 2020 workshop season. For 15 years we have been facilitating poetry translation workshops, helping to bring contemporary poets from Asia, Africa and Latin America to a new audience in the UK. The workshops are collaborative sessions that focus on the process of translation, giving participants the opportunity to dig deeper into different languages and cultures.
There is no need to know the language being transited. Just come along and take part!