Tamil poetry workshop: Translating the poet Sugan with Hari Rajaledchumy

24 Mar 20 — 24 Mar 20
Venue: Albany Deptford
Hari Rajaledchumy introduces us to the work of Sugan, a Sri Lankan Tamil poet who emerged as a key figure within the exiled Eelam Tamils

Sugan is a Sri Lankan Tamil poet/writer living in Paris, France. He was a key figure within the exiled Eelam Tamil dissent ‘little magazine’ culture of the late 80s and 90s. This is the second workshop the PTC has run with Hari Rajaledchumy looking at the work of this poet.
Sugan was one of earliest and rare voices to question the centrality of war, authoritarianism, and violence at the heart of Tamil Nationalist thought and struggle. He has edited several volumes of dissent literature and Dalit criticism. Published across several Tamil-language journals with very limited print run and private circulation, his poems remain difficult to find. Aakaddi, a literary collective based in Paris, is currently working on collecting and archiving his works.
Hari Rajaledchumy was born in 1988 in Sri Lanka. They are an artist, writer and critic currently based in the UK. She holds a 1st class honours degree in International Development and was trained as an artist-associate at OSE's studio-based programme in 2015. A selection of her recent works can be accessed on her website: hrajaledchumy.com
This workshop is part of our upcoming Spring 2020 series of workshops. Our collaborative PTC sessions are a chance to experience first hand the intricacies of poetry translation. We works with a guest-translator and a poet-facilitator to go from a rough or literal translation to a poetic version in English. It is a great way to support international poets while getting surprising insists to different cultures and literary traditions.
There is no need to know the language being translated. Just drop in!