Brown Jewels

18 Oct 19 — 19 Oct 19
Venue: Goldsmith University

New Cross & Deptford Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ), headed by Shapes Lewisham, have teamed up with artist collective – MINISTRY OF ART, for the art exhibition ‘Brown Jewels’. This exciting event will bring 11 of Lewisham’s finest artistic talents from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, to showcase their work at Goldsmiths University’s St James Gallery on 18 – 19 October.

Lewisham was chosen as one of the capital’s first-ever CEZ’s by the Mayor of London as part of a ground-breaking initiative to support artists and creative businesses. The CEZ in Lewisham is situated in New Cross & Deptford.

One aim of the CEZ is to enable talent from under-represented groups across the Borough to access pathways to participation and then employment in the creative industries. The forth-coming visual art exhibition at Goldsmiths contributes to a vibrant, diverse and energetic CEZ, by offering a platform to talented local BAME artists, and encourages unity and creativity in our local communities.

Speaking about the event, Ministry of Art Founder, Damian Simon aka artist Baserbillion Art, who is curating ‘Brown Jewels’ said: “The exhibiting artists represent a range of disciplines, from painters to film makers and textile sculptures, and hail from backgrounds as diverse as Carriacou, Turkey, Pakistan and Nigeria but have a connection to the local area, which demonstrates just how much talent, diversity and vibrancy there is in and around Lewisham. The theme of this unique exhibition is looking at what it is like navigating the art world when you are from a black or minority ethnic background. Unfortunately, there are still many real and perceived barriers to exposure for black artists, and whilst small increases in BAME
participation in visual art is being recorded, it still falls below targets expected by Arts Council England. We have a wealth of local talent who should feel they can have a future in art, and communities and wider society which should be benefiting from it. That’s why I started the social media art group MINISTRY OF ART and why I am really proud to be part of this event which will see Lewisham’s CEZ giving a much-needed platform to BAME artists, as well as making visiting art galleries and exhibitions more accessible. I really hope to see people from all backgrounds and ages enjoying the art on display this October.”