PROD iii

18 Jul 19 — 28 Jul 19
Additional info: Open 10-6pm Wednesday to Sunday
SHOW | 18 July-27 July



In the series P R O D, artists Holly Birtles and Ema O'Donovan showcase an ongoing exploration of work dealing with torment, tangibility and photographic limitations.

PRODiii e​xplores the furtherment of our seas as an unsurmountable force against social and political discourse in a disconnected world. Our seas facilitate a network of bordered land mass or 'nodes', being the very synaptic fibre which stretches, rolls and transports information, people and commodity from point to point.

'SEA' becomes an arena for transgression whilst being a visionary and divine place of change, opportunity and promise. It is sentimental, controls mood and informs the agency of those who choose interact with it. 'SEA' is a place of contemplation, learning and romance as well as a place of chaotic destruction, unpredictable force and power.

It is this torment and contradiction which draws the artists to 'SEA' as they engage in the passing of information, ideals and material to one another. Building physical images which they work on in turn, they root themselves as nodes within the network. Each time a piece is pushed from one node to the other, the pieces gain greater agency and emotional affection in the network. The works become affected by their journey with both the movement of the hypothetical sea along with cultural impressions such as language, climate and custom from each node; building a more mature image each time.

The artists exploit the photographic medium through intervention techniques that encompass both new media and traditional photographic processes. With each experiment informing the next, the result is a fluid discourse between Birtles and O'Donovan and the configurations their works inherit.

Prod enables the artists to investigate their subject matter and maintain a collaboration through experimental photographic techniques.

All welcome.