On longing

16 Sep 21 — 19 Sep 21
Additional info: Open Eve: Friday 17th 7-10pm
A group exhibition that reflects upon Susan Stewart's book On Longing by

Christopher Bond, Alice Campos, Johanna De Verdier , Luke Felstead, Hannah Foster, Leticia Laxon , Yasmin Metcalfe , Izzie O'Sullivan and Jordan Peck.

Curated by Alice Campos, Luke Felstead & Isabelle O’Sullivan.

Show: 16th-19th September 2021. 
Open Evening: Friday 17th 7-10pm
Open: Thursday to Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm

Nostalgia, a yearning for a phantom past, with an obscured non present reality sprinkled with soft playful remembrances. On Longing extends the gallery walls into the realms of uniquely formed longings by nine creatives, plummeting the audience to experience phantasmagoria.

This collection of creatives come together through threads of Susan Stewarts theories. Though not bound too, the creatives like the book set out to research the mundanity of everyday objects, and question how these objects come to realize and cement versions of the world. Delving into how these objects become a looking glass into the perceived realities within which we reside. Looking through the skewed vision of these objects we identify our reliance on nostalgia and narrative even if not in reality themselves.

Within On Longing you will see Stewarts chapters mirrored from The Miniature to The Gigantic, from Objects of Desire to Imaginary Bodies. The work through its diverse mediums will explore the concepts of identity in the everyday, its harsh impact which often leaves us longing. The diverse pieces curated represent a spectrum of creatives playfully exploring ad hoc sculpture, experimental sound, analogue photography and textile.