12 Aug 21 — 22 Aug 21
Additional info: Open Evening: Friday 13th 7-10pm
‘A COLLABORATION WITH MY MIND’, an exhibition of drawings by ELISE FIFIELD.

Elise Fifield is a self-taught artist who has recently focused on letting her mind talk through her art. Along with the majority of people Elise has found life through the pandemic hard and it has led to a lot of reflection on life. This led her to recently quitting school as she felt it held her back from doing what she is naturally gifted at.
“it’s something that I don’t really have to try to do… I suddenly find myself drawing without really thinking about it”
Along with this big change she experienced a lot of internal dialogue with herself. Through using a mix of different medias, she feels able to use it to understand and express what’s going on inside. This is Elise’s first time showing her art in public.

“I make art that is inspired by my feelings,
Sometimes about how I’m feeling right then,
Sometimes reflecting on past feelings.
A collaboration between tenses
It was coming up to my 19th
I designed myself a hoody with dinosaur blades on the back.
I started drawing myself in the hoody
Doing self portraits
And then my hoody was made
And my doodling just became
It’s own thing.
There are lots of monsters in my art
For me they represent difficulties people have.
I like to use lots of materials and techniques
Cutting out
Collaging became very therapeutic
I was trying to convey the many layers of emotions that are there to be discovered.
The work became more abstract
I was less interested in being aesthetically pleasing
And more interested in communicating the conversations I had in my head.
If I think about or plan my art too much
I’m not going to have that emotional connection to it
I just start and keep going until it feels complete.
Many of these conversations with my mind have been difficult.
I want the art to talk for itself really.”