01 Jul 21 — 11 Jul 21
Additional info: Open Evening: Thursday 1 July 7-10pm
As lockdown ends, a new exhibition opens to remind you just how strange the past year has been.

Throughout last year, Illustrator Tim King was working on an ambitious project: to do a drawing documenting everyday life, every single day. Using ‘reportage illustration’ Tim captured the atmosphere, attitudes, and opinions of life as it happened. The 366 images recall everything from our changing perceptions of coronavirus as it developed, to panic buying bog roll, multiple lockdowns and major changes to just about every aspect of our daily routines.

“Not only are these snapshots artistically accomplished, they're so relatable...”
- The Londonist

‘2020’ - as soon as you see this date, it means something. For many it’s symbolic of frustration, sadness, uncertainty and utter craziness. For others the year brought silver linings. It was a roller coaster ride - from the UK’s departure from the EU, coronavirus entering public perception and the subsequent lockdowns which changed the daily lives of everyone throughout the world. It’s a year we’ll never forget.

But, what did 2020 feel like on an everyday level? Tim King’s daily drawings show us how. On each and every day of the year, Tim made time to observe, experience and draw everyday situations. Using reportage illustration he sought to capture the attitudes, opinions and atmosphere of daily life. Drawn readily on a variety of materials ranging from toilet roll to face masks these images document the seemingly small changes to our daily routines that proved to be massive, life changing events.

By doing one drawing a day, a year long visual narrative is created. ‘Drawing On 2020’ recalls not how history remembers last year, but how we really lived it.

This is the everyday story of 2020.

Tim King is an award-winning reportage illustrator. His book ‘Drawn On Real Life’ has been featured widely in the media including in The Metro, The Evening Standard and Timeout. His work has also been featured in campaigns by clients including Three, Sainsbury’s, The Clerkenwell Post, Foyles, NHS, The London Ambulance Service and the Metropolitan Police. Tim lives and works in South London. His studio is at Deptford Foundry, Second Floor Studios & Arts.

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