Online Talent Development for over 16s

04 Jun 20 — 30 Nov 21
CICAS® is our Creative Industries Careers Advice Service and is a huge part of what we do at The Midi Music Company.

Pronounced 'seekers', our CICAS® talent development programme is now available online during the lockdown, providing free support, advice and guidance to young people aged 16-30 who are interested in developing careers within music, film, TV, visual and performing arts and the creative industries. Membership is now available to adults aged 30+ during the current coronavirus pandemic.

If you'd like advice for a creative career, you can sit down with an experienced professional and talk over plans during a one-on-one session via Zoom. You'll get access to our industry contacts, knowledge and directory.

New members aged 16-30 are asked to make a one-off initial appointment donation of £10. All other appointments are FREE. New members over 30 are asked to make a £25 donation for each appointment.

Email the Office Administrator for details and to book an appointment: