Gaff Exhibition

23 Jan 20 — 23 Jan 20
Venue: Gaff Cafe


Our first event of 2020 was in collabortaion with the offical launch of Gaff Cafe in Deptford. The event celebrated the new cafe by welcoming local artists Edie Baker and Glen Fitzpatrick, from the SHAPESLewisham network to exhibit their works. They collectively sold around 7 pieces of work from the show!


The event welcomed the SHAPESLewisham network, local residents, creatives from the surrounding studios; Workspace Group, Artworks Creekside, APT Gallery and Studios, Arthub Studios, and Cockpit Arts. The format of evening was casual and informal, to encourage the attendees to network in a relaxed environment to create natural, genuine connections.

The attendees had the opportunity to talk with representatives from Dek London and Fest en Fest; a new choreography festival happening in Deptford and supported by SHAPESLewisham.


Gaff Cafe, Ignition Brewery, Workspace Group, The Bottle Shop, Catford. 


Edie Baker and Glen 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald.