An Heart - no format Gallery

06 Feb 20 — 09 Feb 20
Additional info: PV 6th Feb 6-9pm, 7-9th Feb 1-6pm
Artists: Jane Davies and Joe Moss
The project aims to present traditional craft-based working methods in relation to new technologies in collaborative work produced specifically for this exhibition.
In An heart the artists intend to query the nature of craft-based working models and how they are contextualised within contemporary art, including themes of agency through material, the vitality of the body, and collaboration enhanced through new technologies.
In An heart intends to show our individual craft-related practises alongside collaborative attempts to mediate this work via digital technologies. These attempts at mediation manifest as ethically 3D-printed sculptures of the heart, and the eye. The works are collaboratively drawn directly into 3D space from memory using an interactive pen display and then printed with biodegradable plastics.

no format Gallery, Arklow Road, Deptford, SE14 6BN