23 Sep 21 — 26 Sep 21
Additional info: Open Evening: Friday 24th 7-10pm
An exhibition of drawings by TAMSIN SPARGO.

‘IT PASSES’ is an exploration of time and the context of the unique time we are currently living in, as well as serving to question the functionality and nature of drawing. With the majority of works having been produced on found and repurposed surfaces during the UK’s third national lockdown, the works question what can be done within a specific period of time and what a period of time is therefore worth, a pertinent question during a period when many people feel they have lost or wasted time.
By producing work for fixed durations of time, ranging from one hour to 24 hours, Tamsin Spargo’s work functions as a record of a period of time and of her gestures within that period of time. By deploying an unconventional approach to drawing alongside sonic art, Spargo suggests that a drawing is more than marks on a surface, including her own gestures and procrastination, as well as the sounds of her commute, her home environment, and the sound of materials hitting the surface in her definition of drawing.
Drawings made by repeatedly throwing media at a surface allude to futility and monotony. The sonic works in this exhibition refer to the conditions of being locked down at home, as well as a yearning for more normal times. These explorations expand the definition of drawing to include the artist’s personal experiences and the embodied experience of her works.
Tamsin Spargo lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art and Critical Theory at Middlesex University and recently completed a postgraduate degree in Fine Art at London Metropolitan University. Her work includes drawing, writing, and sonic art, and has been exhibited and sold internationally. F: frozeninfinland @tamsinspargo | @deptforddoesart