16 Jul 20 — 19 Jul 20
Additional info: Open Evening: Friday 17th 7-10pm
‘MURMURATION’, an exhibition of drawings & sonic art by TAMSIN SPARGO.

Show: 16-19 JULY 2020
Open Evening: Friday 17 JULY 7-10pm
Artist Talk: Sunday 17 JULY 2pm (limited spaces, advance bookings only - please book your free ticket via Eventbrite)

Murmuration is an exploration of time and the process and act of drawing. By producing drawings with fixed time constraints, ranging from brief periods to feats of endurance, Tamsin Spargo’s work functions as a record of a period of time and of her existence and movements within that period of time. The works do not attempt to construct recognisable forms, but instead strive for ambiguity and gesture, hinting at the artist’s own physicality and patterns of motion.

Making use of repetition, iteration, and a variety of drawing methods, Spargo examines the process and purpose of drawing, questioning what exactly a drawing is. Is the work on paper a final result or a side effect? Suggesting that a drawing also encompasses other elements such as the movements of the artist or the sound of materials hitting the paper, factors such as background noise, the passage of time, and the sound of the drawing being made are explored. These explorations offer a glimpse into the drawing process and the embodied experience of the works.

Spargo’s work seeks to expand the definition and functionality of drawing. By using sonic art in addition to drawing itself, the artist presents the opportunity for immersion and insight into the process.

Tamsin Spargo lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art and Critical Theory at Middlesex University and is currently postgraduate fine art student at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Her work includes drawing, writing, and sonic art, and has been exhibited and sold internationally. F: frozeninfinland | IG: @tamsinspargo | @deptforddoesart